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Race Route

A fast, scenic course with long flat stretches along the foot of the Ochil Hills. The course gently undulates elsewhere with a character building hill at the 11 mile mark.

  • Distance: 13.1 mi. |  21.1 km

  • Profile: Flat/Undulating
  • Terrain: Road
  • Route Type: Loop

Course records for the route are:
Male – 64:51 – Tsegezab Woldemichael
Female – 73:19 – Sandra Branney

Race Information

We hope you will find all the relevant information that you need to participate in the 37th Alloa Round Table Half Marathon.
We have covered all aspects of the race based on FAQ’s that we have received over the years.

If you have any further questions then please contact us via the form on our Contact Page.

The race start and finish is the Leisure Bowl, Parkway, Alloa, FK10 2AF

Parking and Transport links graphic below:

The race starts at 10.00am on Sunday 31 March 2019

Sport Systems will be timing the event.

We will provide runners with a “Personal Time” calculated from when the runner crosses the start line to when the runner crosses the finish line – this is sometimes called chip to chip timing. We will also provide a “Race Time” calculated from when the race is started to when the runner crosses the finish line – this is sometimes called gun time.

As set down by the rules of athletics, the results and prizes will be provided in Race Time order.

The race will be run under ARC Rules (ARC Race Permit Applied For) and the course has been measured and certified as accurate by an accredited course measurer.

Your race pack will need to be collected on the day at registration point which opens at 8am.
Unsecured baggage storage will be available at the Alloa Leisure Bowl as well as a limited number of lockable storage lockers. The race organisers take no responsibility for any items stored at the Leisure Bowl before, during or after the race.
Here is the link to the live entrants list so you can check your name is there and eye up the competition! Entrants List

If you have entered and your name is not on the list, please contact us by emailing enquiries@sportsystems.co.uk.

If we’ve described you as a Senior and you are still a tender twenty-three or a Veteran and you are just past forty don’t worry. These are the standard descriptions of runners. Traditionally ladies are described as Seniors up to and including thirty-four and Men up to and including thirty-nine. After that standard Veteran categories are used sometimes in five year bands but more commonly in ten year bands. E.g. Male Vet 40-49. Recently a male veteran category starting at thirty-five has been introduced, but it has not been adopted by all races.
St. Andrew’s First Aid will be providing the first aid cover throughout the event.

There are 4 water stations on the route and a water station at the start/finish line making 5 stations in total.

The course is well marshalled and has mile markers throughout.

Your personal safety and that of your fellow runners, spectators and helpers must take absolute priority.

  • You must be of sufficient fitness to complete the course in 3 hours and have no known medical conditions. If you’re in any doubt consult your doctor before competing.
  • Do not run with a cold or flu – this can be extremely dangerous. If you are unwell then stop and seek help and if you see another runner in serious distress stop and help and notify the next Marshal or first aider.
  • Always follow the directions of marshals and the police.
  • Eat well and avoid alcohol the night before the event. Eat something light and drink plenty of water throughout the morning of the race.
  • We will have a number of photographers covering the event and photographs will be published on the event’s Facebook page.
    Refreshments and snacks will be available throughout the day at the race site
    Unfortunately, we are unable to refund or defer entries, and cannot transfer entries to other runners. As a not-for-profit event, all funds raised go towards good causes locally and nationally. As with all other runs, we receive many requests for cancellation, deferral and transfer, and the costs of administering these requests simply cannot be recovered
    Although not banned outright under the UKA Rules of Athletics some races have their own rule barring runners from wearing headphones or earphones and using other types of music players while participating. When running on your own the choices you make are yours but a race is different because it is a public event. It is important to be able to hear race instructions, warnings and traffic before and during the race and even after crossing the finish line. If you choose to participate in a race using these devices you should be prepared to accept full responsibility for your own safety and for the safety of anyone else who may be affected.

    This race discourages the use of headphones, but they are not banned.

    All finishers will receive a medal.
    The results will normally be posted on the results section of www.sportsystems.co.uk shortly after the race; we aim to do this before leaving the venue. You may also receive an email or a text message with your result depending upon the service requested by the event organiser.
    St Andrews University is conducting a study and have asked all entrants to please take a few minutes to complete the study. (This is totally optional). There is a prize draw for everyone who completes the study. Below is a link to the study: